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Building Social Momentum. Performance Video / Brand Promo Video / Social Media Operation / Game Support Services

Performance Video

We produce fully customized performance video based on precise grasp of game features and player experience for effective user conversion.

  • Game Promo Video
  • AE Packaging
  • Spine Animation
  • UE4 3D


Brand Promo Video

We create content to expand brand awareness by building customer rapport, generating interest in your brand vision, and showcasing what makes your brand unique.

  • 01 Originality
  • 02 Customization
  • 03 Production
  • 04 Planning

Game Support Services

Reaching a wider customer base and providing comprehensive game operation solutions.

  • Community Management Specialize in managing online gaming community activity efficiently and creatively. 01
  • Player Support Focus on enhancing player experience. 24/7 multi-channel customized services. 02
  • Localization Customized localized translations to enhance brand image and influence. 03
  • E-Sports Planning Lead the creation and planning of several top e-Sports events. 04


Keep up-to-date with E-Jade and the industry.